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"The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) recently published a Strategic Plan for Biodefense Research to address biomedical research needs in the areas of bioterrorism and emerging and reemerging infectious diseases. For guidance in implementing this plan, the NIAID convened several expert panel meetings of scientific leaders to provide objective expertise and comprehensive advice... An Expert Panel on Immunity and Biodefense was also convened by the NIAID in June 2002, to address the immunological aspects of biodefense preparedness research. A summary of this meeting is provided in the following pages. Panel members identified high priority research areas in immunology that would lead to improved biodefense strategies, and recommended methods by which these research goals might be achieved. The panel included internationally renowned immunologists from academia, industry, and the government with expertise in innate immunity, vaccine adjuvant biology, immune memory and vaccine development, immune epitope identification, and antibody and innate immune targets for therapy. The discussion focused on specific needs for research in these areas, as well as on logistical issues, such as research resource accessibility, industry-university-government collaborations, and increased training. Methods to facilitate the involvement of basic immunologists in biodefense research were also discussed, as well as methods to encourage immunologist-microbiologist-vaccinologist interactions, and to enhance the training of medical professionals in immunological research."

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