National Trusted Computing Strategy   [open pdf - 197KB]

Through neglect, the national capability to design and construct trusted computers and networks has begun to atrophy. Not only has the information infrastructure been built weakly, but also our capability to strengthen it continues to decline. The Nation is now lacking in both the research and development talent to produce trusted computing systems and the educational infrastructure to create this talent. In this document, the Center for INFOSEC Studies and Research (CISR) in Monterey, California, proposes a three-pronged approach to strengthen the national information infrastructure and reinvigorate the national capability to produce trustworthy computing systems. The document describes the Trusted Computing Exemplar project as a worked example of how trusted computing systems and components can be constructed. Second, it defines a national research initiative to advance the theoretical foundations for trusted computing and to produce a set of automated tools to support the development of high assurance systems; and third, it defines an educational initiative based on nascent Information Assurance education programs and the Trusted Computing Exemplar to provide a framework for Trusted Computer Development education. The result of this multi-faceted approach will be to increase the security of the national Information Infrastructure by increasing the availability of: Trusted Computer systems and components, Trusted Computer development tools, and Trusted Computer developers, evaluators and educators.

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