Policing Smarter through IT: Learning from Chicago's Citizen and Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting (CLEAR) System   [open pdf - 546KB]

"This is a report on the Chicago Police Department's Citizen Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting (CLEAR) system through the end of November 2003. CLEAR is to come an integrated, state-of-the-art criminal justice information system supporting the work of criminal justice agencies in Chicago and the State of Illinois. While it is being developed to serve the needs of Chicago and its surrounding communities, the system is adaptable for other agencies. This report examines the "launch procedures" that are underway, highlighting the first findings of an evaluation of CLEAR being conducted by Northwestern University in partnership with the University of Illinois at Chicago. The report describes the major components of CLEAR, and identifies aspects of the development process that have affected their progress toward completion. It concludes with a review of "lessons learned," intended to assist law enforcement agencies when they embark on implementing enterprise-level IT systems."

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