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Disasters are probably the greatest single cause of attrition to the world's cultural and natural heritage. Disasters are a class of emergencies: not all emergencies become disasters, but all disasters are emergencies that have gotten out of control. The primary goal of emergency planning is to avoid the loss of resources (in this case, museum property) affected by the emergency. Advanced planning is the key to meeting that goal. The primary objectives of emergency planning are as follows: to anticipate and, if possible, to avoid emergencies; to retain control when an emergency occurs; and, to recover control as quickly as possible if it is lost. How effectively damage is limited in a disaster situation depends to a very great extent upon the thoroughness of the planning effort. An Emergency Management Plan for Museum Property identifies an organization's vulnerabilities to disaster; points out how some of them can be mitigated and others prepared for; details ways of responding to and controlling disasters that do occur; and provides a guide to the organization's ultimate recovery. The purpose of this document is to present guidance for unit staffs in protecting museum property from the effects of serious emergencies and disasters.

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