Strategic Effects of the Conflict with Iraq: Latin America   [open pdf - 77KB]

Latin Americans maintain a strong bias against North American interventions. At the same time, Latin's perceive that a possible war against Iraq and its leadership would be directed against the wrong foe and in an inappropriate manner. The U.S.-Latin American partnership is an unequal relationship. The result of balancing Latin interests against those of the "Colossus of the North" is a dilemma. Even so, the United States shares with its Latin American neighbors an increasingly and vitally important financial, commercial, and security/stability stake in the political and economic growth of the hemisphere. Any kind of political-economic-social-security deterioration in the region will profoundly affect the health of the U.S. economy-and the concomitant power to act in the global security arena. This document analyzes four issues: the position that key states in the Latin America region are taking on U.S. military action against Iraq; the role of America in the region after the war with Iraq; the nature of security partnerships in the region after the war with Iraq; and the effect that war with Iraq will have on the war on terrorism in the region.

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