Defense Science Board 1998 Summer Study Task Force on Joint Operation Superiority in the 21st Century, Volume 1: Integrating Capabilities Underwriting Joint Vision 2010 and Beyond   [open pdf - 13MB]

This 1998 Defense Science Board (DSB) Summer Study continues a series of DSB studies that have examined key challenges facing America's military in the coming decade. Taken together, these studies address a wide range of threats and challenges facing the United States. Such threats include familiar conventional threats as well as less traditional threats. This report examines capabilities and technologies to underwrite the operational concepts and goals of Joint Vision 2010 and beyond. Its central theme is that the cornerstone of a highly effective, next- generation force is early and continuous combat effectiveness with dominant force. Such a capability is necessary for combat success with the fewest casualties, at the lowest cost, and in the shortest time. This report describes a set of critical operational challenges and offers the Department recommendations associated with achieving this capability. This Summer Study and the companion 1998 study, Logistics Transformation, have added emphasis to the close connection between effective, next-generation military operations and focused logistics. To have early and continuous combat effectiveness with dominant force, it is essential to have more agile and deployable forces and to be more responsive in theater. It also calls for a different logistics system --one with increased speed, reliability, and precision -- that minimizes stockpiles in the field relying on highly responsive lift.

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