Globalization and Maritime Power   [open pdf - 4MB]

"This book focuses on the direct impact of globalization on naval forces and maritime aspects of commerce and international relations. It seeks to translate the general knowledge that we have learned about the phenomenon of globalization into the language of strategy and defense policy. It is both deductive and inductive in its approach-using general knowledge of globalization to deduce its impact on the maritime world, and using inductive reasoning in applying those maritime impacts to the overall fabric of defense planning. Its intent is to provide our national security leaders with analyses that can be directly applied to some of the problems and issues that we will face in the future security environment. Many of the ideas presented in this book were discussed and debated in a series of colloquia held at the National Defense University and were part of a dialogue with other analytical organizations, principally the Center for Naval Analyses and the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Particular effort was made to elicit contributions from a broad range of experts with diverse sets of experiences and perspectives. The institutional affiliations of individual authors vary from the Department of the Navy to the Joint Staff to intelligence agencies to our sister war colleges to civilian universities. Of course, the views presented herein are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position of any of these agencies."

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