Introduction to Defense Acquisition Management, Sixth Edition   [open pdf - 772KB]

This sixth edition of "Introduction to Defense Acquisition Management" provides an update of the regulatory framework from the May 2003 "Department of Defense Directive 5000.1" and the "Department of Defense Instruction 5000.2" governing the defense acquisition system. In addition, information about the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System from the June 2003 Chairman of the "Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction 3170.01C" and information about the new Department of Defense Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) process also are provided. Although the general format of the second edition has been retained, this version has been significantly revised to reflect the aforementioned acquisition management policies and procedures and the DoD 5000 documents. The handbook is designed to be both a comprehensive introduction to the world of defense systems acquisition management for the newcomer and a summary-level refresher for the practitioner who has been away from the business for a few years. It focuses on Department of Defense-wide management policies and procedures, not on the details of any specific defense system. Chapters discuss the role of the Congress, the Executive Branch, and Industry in Defense Acquisition; Authority for the Defense Acquisition System; Transformation of the Department of Defense, including joint vision, acquisition streamlining initiatives, major legislation, regulatory reform, and changes in emphasis; Program Management in Defense Acquisition; Department of Defense Acquisition Policy, including regulatory documents, decision support systems, acquisition categories, the space systems acquisition process, and the acquisition, technology, and logistics knowledge sharing system; Defense Acquisition Management - Key Personnel and Organizations; Determining Joint Warfighting Needs; the Acquisition Management Framework; and the Resource Allocation Process.

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