Navy Command Social Media Handbook   [open pdf - 694KB]

"Effective communication has always contributed to unit and mission success. In today's more connected environment, talking to and engaging with your audiences is absolutely essential. During the recent flooding in Millington, the base commanding officer and his staff effectively used social media as part of their approach to understand and respond to questions and concerns, which significantly contributed to their successful response. During Operation Unified Response, commanders of participating units used social media to communicate their units' and their Sailors' contributions in responding to Haiti. Social media is an effective channel to communicate relevant, aligned, and targeted information to the stakeholders that we want to reach, including some we have had a hard time reaching before. As with the advent of other communication technologies -- phone, fax, email, websites -- we must exercise caution to use these tools safely and effectively, and we must educate our Sailors and families to do the same. This handbook was put together by the Emerging Media Integration Team at CHINFO [U.S. Navy Chief of Information] and is intended to provide you with the information needed to more safely and effectively use social media. This handbook is not intended to be a comprehensive guide on command use of social media or take the place of official policy. The information in this handbook is a useful guide for navigating a dynamic communication environment. I hope after reviewing this handbook you're better prepared to use social media as an effective channel to share your command's story."

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