Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airports   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Executive Summary: "The purpose of the Security Guidelines for General Aviation Airports Information Publication (IP) is to provide owners, operators, sponsors, and other entities charged with oversight of GA airports a set of federally endorsed security enhancements and a method for determining when and where these enhancements may be appropriate. The document does not contain regulatory language nor is it intended to suggest that any recommendations or guidelines should be considered a mandatory requirement. However, program requirements for operators regulated under the Twelve-Five and Private Charter Rules are not addressed in this document, remain in effect, and may be incorporated into airport security procedures if appropriate. TSA launched this project, working collaboratively with key stakeholders, to develop and disseminate appropriate security guidelines for general aviation airports and heliports. A Working Group was established under the Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC) to compile a list of recommended security best practices used throughout the industry. The ASAC delivered its recommendations to TSA in November 2003. These recommendations form the framework for the IP and all of the ASAC recommendations were incorporated. The document offers an extensive list of options, ideas, and suggestions for the airport operator, sponsor, tenant and/or user to choose from when considering security enhancements for GA facilities."

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Information Publication A-001
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