International Trafficking in Women to the United States: A Contemporary Manifestation of Slavery and Organized Crime   [open pdf - 354KB]

This document provides a comprehensive overview of international trafficking of women in the United States. The scope and magnitude of this problem are outlined, followed by a look at the modes of entry into the U.S. as well as routes within the U.S. Traffickers are divided into three categories: Asian Criminal Enterprises, Russian Crime Groups and Syndicates, and Latin American Traffickers. The author describes the profits of this industry, which provide a major source of income for crime rings. Trafficking children is examined with regard to both the sex and labor industries. Related industries include mail order bride companies, mail schemes, domestic servants, and illicit foreign adoptions. The document includes a discussion of various aspects of the challenges associated with combating trafficking. These include definition, information-sharing, and coordination difficulties; investigative challenges; low penalties for traffickers; the oversight of smaller cases; and INS constraints. Issues and challenges associated with protection and assistance to victims include detention and deportation, lack of adequate shelters, and difficulties with the "S" Visa.

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