Serving a Nation at War: A Campain Quality Army with Joint and Expeditionary Capabilities   [open pdf - 753KB]

"The single most significant component of our new strategic reality is that because of the centrality of the ideas in conflict, this war will be a protracted one. Whereas for most of our lives the default condition has been peace, now our default expectation must be conflict. This new strategic context is the logic for reshaping the Army to be an Army of campaign quality with joint and expeditionary capabilities. The lessons learned in two-and-a-half years of war [in Afghanistan and Iraq] have already propelled a wide series of changes in the Army and across the Joint team. This learning process must not stop. Although this paper outlines the strategic context for the series of changes underway in our Army, its purpose is not to convince you or even to inform you. Its purpose is to cause you to reflect on and think about this new strategic context and what it portends for our future and for the Nation."

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