Naval Transformation Roadmap 2003: Assured Access & Power Projection...From the Sea   [open pdf - 3MB]

This document is the first annual update to the Naval Transformation Roadmap. Naval transformation will support joint transformation by delivering new military capabilities and dramatically enhancing current capabilities to protect and advance America's worldwide interests by assuring access and projecting power from the sea. While the Navy - Marine Corps Team is expanding the entire array of naval capabilities we provide the Nation, our transformation is centered upon the development of Seabasing: the concepts and capabilities that exploit our command of the sea to project, protect, and sustain integrated warfighting capabilities from the maritime domain. Seabasing and the supporting tools we are developing will usher in dramatic new ways of employing naval forces to deter conflict and, when required, to wage war. Throughout, every aspect of naval transformation will be, first and foremost, committed to and built upon the principles of jointness. Seabasing will provide new naval capability options for use by Joint Force Commanders in innovative combinations with the transformed capabilities of the other Services and Agencies.

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