Winning the War on Terror   [open pdf - 3MB]

At the moment, the public face of our enemy is Osama bin Laden and the global al-Qaeda network. But over the long term, we are at war with a brand of radical Islamic fundamentalism that is extremely dangerous, is growing, and is a true threat to our people, our economy, and our way of life. Let us be clear - this is a war for nothing less than our survival. Al-Qaeda and like minded groups across the globe are limited only by the weapons they are able to obtain. There is no doubt that if they acquire chemical, biological, radiological, or even nuclear weapons, they will one day try to use them. And if they succeed, many, many lives will be lost and our world will be forever changed. Our goal must be to win this war; to defeat the enemy. We should not be satisfied with merely reducing the risk of attack. We should not accept that this war will go on forever. Just as we no longer train schoolchildren to run into underground shelters for fear of a Soviet nuclear attack, we should aspire to a future where we no longer live with the uncertainty of catastrophic terror at our doorstep. This document examines three missions we must carry out to win the war on terror: aggressively attack the terrorists and the infrastructure that supports them; protect the homeland; and prevent the rise of future terrorists.

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