Measuring the Effectiveness of Humanitarian Assistance other than Department of Defense Providers   [open pdf - 261KB]

The global community of humanitarian assistance providers, both civilian and military, are both currently addressing the need to develop more effective strategies and means for planning and conducting humanitarian assistance. Although these two different groups often face similar challenges in delivering effective humanitarian assistance, there are also distinct differences in the approaches, constraints, resources, and expertise of civilian and military humanitarian assistance providers. Greater sharing of information on successes and the challenges remaining would be mutually beneficial and seems particularly applicable to collaborative improvements in measuring, documenting, and evaluating the effectiveness of various means of providing humanitarian assistance. This report is from the perspective of civilian organizations providing humanitaraian assistance, i.e. "other-than-DoD" providers. A companion report addresses the military perspective or DoD providers of humanitarian assistance. From these different perspectives, there appears a kind of 'covergent evolution' in the strategies and tools used by military and civilian providers. This process and increased civil-military collaboration will further the implementation of more effective humanitarian assistance.

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CDHAM Publication 02-07
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