Field Manual FM 100-19: Domestic Support Operations   [open pdf - 383KB]

Domestic support operations are not new. They had their beginning with settlement of the new world and organization of the colonial militia. With the establishment of the United States and a federal military, the Army routinely provided support to state and territorial governors as the nation expanded westward. In some instances, it actually administered governmental affairs until the fledgling local government became a viable entity. Although the frequency of domestic support operations may increase, they are not in lieu of wartime operational requirements. The Army's primary mission remains to defend the United States and its interests. It is the Army's combat readiness that enables it to accomplish domestic support operations. This manual provides specific guidelines and operational principles in the conduct of domestic support operations. It emphasizes the utilization of the Army's core combat competencies and values to enhance combat readiness and the overall well-being of the nation.

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FMFM 7-10
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