How Much for a Pound of Communication?   [open pdf - 69KB]

"Thesis: Did historical advances in communication technology drive changes in the Command, Control and Communication architecture in use by the Ground Force components of Marine Corps forces? How should today's communication technology affect existing communication architecture doctrine? Discussion: How much is a pound of communication worth to a warfighter? No communication is disastrous; as would be a budget containing only communication purchases. Where is the balance between proper coordination and "all talk, no fight?" Understanding communication equipment use requires the understanding of the strategy of its employment. This paper evaluates the evolution of military communication architectures for the last fifty years. Through this analysis a methodology for implementing communication technology advances should be evident. Conclusions: The Ground Component of Marine Corps forces, at the regiment and below, uses the same communication architecture as in World War II. However one fundamental principle (analog) used by all military radios did not change. Today we face a revolution in communication technology, digital communication. Digital communication techniques may replace fifty years of analog improvements. Consider how digital compact disks virtually eliminated the analog phonograph record industry. Recommendations: Use commercial, digital, satellite communication equipment along with existing military equipment. Implementing the fruits of the commercial market advances can provide both an edge and a gap filler for military communication."

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