Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Discriminate Use of Force   [open pdf - 3MB]

"[The task force conducted] a comprehensive study of the ends and means of precision compellence, or the nuanced use of force, in concert with coalition partners, to achieve political, economic and moral change in countries affecting US interests. Real-world events have since underscored the need for such a study; indeed, the U.S. military applied key elements of a measured, nuanced approach in both the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns. [The task force] notes this evolution in operations and a parallel evolution in the thinking of the combatant commands and services. Because of this evolution, it is no longer as necessary as it once was to sell the fundamental objectives of what we term here the discriminate use of force (DUF). These emerging capabilities exist within a political context that requires the use of discriminate force. Moreover, destructive power alone is not sufficient to reach many U.S. goals, and it must be properly applied. [...] DUF is about more than the limited use of force. [...] The intent is to apply force discriminately in order to achieve the desired and avoid the undesired. [...] The task force's concept of the discriminate use of force harmonizes with some contemporary thinking about effects-based operations (EBO). [...] The task force's recommendations focus on how the Department of Defense (DoD) can (1) implement DUF or EBO more consistently, and (2) achieve the needed institutional and organizational changes, particularly in career structures."

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