Financial Front in the Global War on Terrorism   [open pdf - 57KB]

Because terrorist organizations must raise, move, and use money, aggressively pursuing terrorists on a financial front can and should be an integral component of any counter-terrorism strategy. There are a couple of different but interrelated dimensions of this front that either target terrorists' financial networks or capitalize on terrorists' dependency of finances. Focusing on these aspects of terrorists' finances can contribute to the disruption of terrorists' financial support as well as aid in the identification and, ultimately, the destruction of terrorist organizations. This paper examines some of the actions taken and lessons learned by the multiple agencies, corporations, and individuals that have all played critical roles on the financial front in the global war on terrorism. This analysis reveals insights into the uses and implications of these tactics and how they can effectively fit into an overall campaign to combat terrorism. More importantly, the lessons demonstrate how these tactics are interrelated and will be most effective if law enforcement, financial, intelligence, and military personnel are able to use selective actions against specific terrorist targets.

2003 Department of Social Sciences, United States Military Academy at West Point
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