Integrated Deepwater System (IDS) Acquisition: A Tailored Strategy for a Critical Need   [open pdf - 470KB]

The United States Coast Guard Deepwater Program is an important and well-planned effort, using a bold acquisition and support strategy of increased commercial outsourcing to meet Coast Guard mission needs well into the 21st century. It is in the process of evaluating industry team solutions, after which the selection to a single commercial team will occur, and the Program will progress into detailed design. The strategy of using a "system of systems" design and support approach, with a long term partnership with and appropriate incentives to a commercial provider, provides the best opportunity to recapitalize and support the aging Coast Guard resources that have served the Nation well in the past, but which desperately require improvement in both capability and affordability. This document is the strategy for development of the deepwater program, a process of updating the coast guard to meet its new mission.

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