Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Future Strategic Strike Forces   [open pdf - 4MB]

The Defense Science Board Summer Study Task Force on Future Strategic Strike Forces looks to the 30-year future with the objective of providing the President with a broad range of strike options to protect the United States and our forces abroad, assure friends and allies of our future commitment, and deal with future adversaries on terms favorable to the United States. The Task Force identified currently planned systems that will still be relevant and recommended new systems for development. The range of potential future adversaries runs from non-state organizations hostile to the United States (with or without deliverable weapons of mass destruction) through major countries of uncertain stability and intent armed with nuclear weapons. For the purposes of thinking about future strategic strike, the Task Force grouped adversaries into two distinct categories, urgent emerging threats: rogues and terrorists and future major power adversaries with WMD. The Task Force used a qualitative/quantitative methodology to assess how well the strategic strike capability currently planned by the Department of Defense (DoD) will achieve the goal of providing future presidents a broad range of options in 30 years. The research evaluated and makes recommendations regarding command and control networks, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and battle damage assessment, as well as weapon delivery systems and their payloads.

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