Allowing Access to the Selected Reserve for Domestic Disaster Relief Operations   [open pdf - 2MB]

When major natural disasters strike the United States, the nation's active military forces are frequently called upon to augment the relief efforts of the affected states' National Guard units. Currently, Title 10, United States Code, prohibits the President from ordering the activation of Selected Reserve units or personnel for participation in domestic disaster relief operations. Reductions in the overall active strength, along with changes in the force structure of active forces and Reserve Components, increase the potential that the types of active forces most needed in domestic disaster relief may not be available when a major disaster strikes. This study analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of enabling the President to access the Selected Reserves for participation in domestic disaster relief operations. The study concludes that the best course of action for the Secretary of Defense is to recommend that the President pursue legislation to amend Title 10 to permit involuntary activation of Selected Reserve units and individuals under a Presidential Selected Reserve Call-up for domestic disaster relief operations.

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