Report of the Future of Terrorism Task Force   [open pdf - 265KB]

"A Future of Terrorism Task Force comprised of members of the Homeland Security Advisory Council was tasked to address the following: assess future threats to the United States over the next five years; strategically fine-tune departmental structure and processes to meet those threats, and; recommend how to better engage and prepared the American public for present and future challenges. The task force has consulted with key subject matter experts, from the public and private sectors, both domestic and international. Briefings and discussions with these experts yielded a range of findings on trends and best practices, garnered through their experiences as they address challenges specific to their jurisdictions. It was not within the purview of the task force to undertake an exhaustive and in-depth examination of particular threats and the sources from which they emanate. Further, we cannot forecast the nature of the next attack, or when and where it may occur. Nonetheless, based upon our work over the past five months, members believe that there is every indication that the number and magnitude of attacks on the United States, its interests and its allies will likely increase. Like crime or disease, terrorism should be conceived as a chronic problem requiring a sustained and patient strategy, with ever evolving tactics."

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