Securing Our Homeland: U.S. Department of Homeland Security Strategic Plan 2004   [open pdf - 8MB]

This document provides the vision and direction, as well as the goals and objectives for the Department of Homeland Security. "One year ago, no single federal department had homeland security as its primary objective. Now it is our mission. Our most important job is to protect the American people and our way of life from terrorism. We have a single, clear line of authority to get the job done. While we can never eliminate the potential for attack, particularly in a society that's as open, as diverse, and as large as ours, we will significantly reduce the Nation's vulnerability to terrorism and terrorist attack over time. Through partnerships with state, local and tribal governments and the private sector, we are working to ensure the highest level of protection and preparedness for the country and the citizens we serve. This plan outlines our approach to implement the National Strategy to secure the United States from terrorist threats and attacks, and prepare our country by building up capacity to respond if either occurs. It provides the frame of reference in which we will set priorities and focus our operations. We, in the Department of Homeland Security, are working to protect our fellow citizens and our very way of life by securing our borders, our airports, our waterways and our critical infrastructure. We undertake the challenges before us with the understanding that Americans do not live in fear. We live in freedom, and we will never let that freedom go."

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