Information Operations, Information Warfare: Policy Perspectives and Implications for the Force   [open pdf - 2MB]

Information Operations and Information Warfare are hot topics today and as a result, there is a tremendous amount of intellectual capital invested in the debate over what impact of new information technologies will have in two areas. These areas parallel two of our three components of the national security strategy; first is enhancing our security and the second is promoting prosperity. In many regards, the interests involved are somewhat mutually exclusive, which presents a challenging environment for issue identification and policy development. This paper identifies a few of the many scenarios in which information operations/warfare are a component; reviews some of the directions provided to the government as a whole and the military in particular; discusses why our nation is now more vulnerable to asymmetric attack; and then provides a few historical precedents. Finally, several of the many issue areas are analyzed, followed by the derivative implications for our military forces. The basic philosophical underpinning in this analysis is that solutions to these emerging issues must be consistent with our historical identity and values; failing this, we expose our long-term interests to unacceptable and probably fatal risk.

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