Multiple Contact Dates and SARS Incubation Periods   [open pdf - 94KB]

To make quarantine and isolation as effective as possible, knowing the range of the possible incubation period of SARS is essential. Mathematical modelers also need to know the characteristics of the incubation period to provide estimates of possible spread and model the potential impact of interventions. Many SARS patients often report more than one possible date of contact with another known SARS patient, however, which results in multiple dates of possible transmission and infection. These multiple dates prevent early detection of a discrete period of incubation for each patient, and thus the data from such patients cannot be used in standard statistical analytic techniques, such as regression analysis (unless the analyst chooses a single incubation period from the possible choices). This document presents a simple method that allows a simulation of the frequency distribution, including confidence intervals, of the possible incubation periods (in days) for SARS. The method allows use of data from patients with multiple potential incubation periods. One goal of the method was to keep it simple by using common computer spreadsheet software, allowing for easy replication, extension of the database and results, and rapid dissemination of the method. The method can also be used to calculate when infectious persons are most likely to have transmitted SARS to susceptible persons, even when multiple days of possible transmission exist.

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Emerging Infectious Diseases (February 2004), v.10, no.2, p. 207-209
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