Federal Aviation Administration Budget in Brief - Fiscal Year 2005   [open pdf - 833KB]

This is budget for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2005. It recognizes that fulfilling its primary missions, the safety and efficiency of U.S. aviation, requires continued vigilance in the face of change. The FY 2005 budget requests supports symbiotic evolutions of several key elements of the systems, leading to higher performance in the major goal areas. In FY 2005, the agency continues to focus its resources primarily on aviation safety, with goals that would further reduce aviation accidents, deaths, and injuries. Second only to safety are the agency's efforts to ensure sufficient system capacity to support future traffic levels. Integral to the primary safety and mobility goals are supporting goals that would strengthen the FAA's role in the global aviation environment, maintain security within the agency's facilities, decrease aviation's impact on the environment, and improve the management of the agency. The total FAA 2005 request of $13.97 billion funds current services and focused improvements in safety, and is approximately 1 percent higher than President's budget request for FY 2004. About 63 percent of the budget, or $8.8 billion, will contribute to further reductions in aviation accidents, deaths, and injuries. Another 28 percent, or $3.9 billion, will support capacity growth. The remainder of the agency's budget will support international leadership, environmental stewardship, internal security, and the agency's efforts to create a more cost-efficient, world-class organization.

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