Implications of the Change Mandated by '...From the Sea'   [open pdf - 1MB]

The publication of the White Paper From The Sea in 1992 and its update in 1994 represent one of the most important changes in United States naval strategic thinning this century. The vision contained in these documents for a new operational concept focused on operations in the littoral areas of the world in order to influence events on land represents a significant departure from the basic tenets of open ocean sea control that formed the basis for the Navy's maritime strategy during the Cold War. This paper analyzes the implications of 'From the Sea' for the naval services and for the future of joint littoral operations. Implementing the White Paper's concepts requires changes that will make the Navy an effective combat force in joint littoral operations. An attempt will be made to determine if the necessary changes have taken place to achieve the visionary goals of From the Sea as well as identifying additional opportunities to develop a synergistic joint littoral warfare capability. The conclusion addresses the risks involved with such change and the prospects for its success.

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