Budget in Brief: Fiscal Year 2005 Budget Request   [open pdf - 1MB]

The State Department believes the FY 2005 performance budget identifies the resources required for a proactive U.S. foreign policy, and aims to provide adequate funding to meet the President's commitments in the campaigns waged. The FY 2005 budget request for Department of State appropriations totals $8.552 billion. This amount represents an increase of $364 million over the FY 2004 level, including supplementals. The request sustains key components of the State Department's operations and infrastructure, as well as U.S. engagement abroad through public diplomacy and international organizations. Moreover, it builds on initiatives for people, security, and information technology to meet new requirements in the post-September 11 environment. The requested resources will enable the State Department to: support the war on terrorism; strengthen protection of U.S. borders; meet critical staffing needs; continue to construct and upgrade secure diplomatic facilities; exploit information technology; build alliances of common interests through public diplomacy; conduct strategic educational and cultural exchanges; fulfill U.S. commitments to international organizations; and finally, back international peacekeeping.

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