Naval Transformation Roadmap: Power and Access ...From the Sea   [open pdf - 2MB]

Naval transformation will support joint transformation by delivering new military capabilities that will greatly expand the sovereign options available to joint force commanders to project power, assure access, and protect and advance America's interests worldwide in the face of emergent threat technologies and strategies. It will usher in new ways of deterring conflict, new capabilities for waging war, and new technologies leading to major increases in operational effectiveness. Today's Navy and Marine Corps are a Total Force of Active Duty, Reserve and civilian personnel, transforming along a broad front exploiting the asymmetric advantages of the United States; including maritime dominance, mobility, decision superiority, stealth, precision, and persistence. This Naval Transformation Roadmap describes how naval forces will achieve nine transformational war fighting capabilities, organized by a family of concepts that optimize and maximize advantages that are uniquely naval. Naval transformation will be captured by capitalizing on innovative concepts and technologies, and by employing processes to rapidly develop and integrate innovations into these forces. Inherent in every aspect of transformation is that naval forces will be, first and foremost, committed to and built upon the principles of jointness.

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