Role of the Military in a Democratic Society, Zagreb Defense and Protection Command, Croatian Armed Forces 1991-1993   [open pdf - 709KB]

According to Directive for A.Y. 2000 and Communicative Arts Program I describe the organization of Zagreb Defense and Protection Command (ZOGZ) led by myself during the period from 1991 until 1993. This project consists of several chapters about dramatic events that occurred in the former Yugoslavia, especially in Zagreb, the Croatian capital. The main portion of this essay is based on my personal experience and insights from that period of time. The democratic changes in Croatia are explained in a separate chapter. The creation and development of the Croatian Army in Zagreb is described as well as the development of the ZOGZ and its subordinate military units. The basic organization and structure of the ZOGZ as well as main responsibilities of that Command are also covered in a separate part of essay. A brief explanation of the origins of Croatian independence and the defensive period of the Homeland War are the topic of one section of this project. Significant differences between the former Yugoslav Army and the newly formed Croatian military are the focus of one portion, as well. Finally, I summarize and offer short conclusions that explain the importance of these events for Croatia and her military.

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