Serial No. 107-48: H.R. 2436 - The Energy Security Act: Legislative Hearing before the Committee on Resources, U.S. House of Representatives One Hundred Seventh Congress First Session, July 11, 2001   [open pdf - 486KB]

On July 11, 2001, the House of Representatives Committee on Resources convenes to discuss and hear testimony on H.R. 2436, the Energy Security Act. Witness are Richard Cohen of the Artic Slope Regional Corporation, Roger Herrera of Artic Power, Jerry Hood of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, J. Bennet Johnston of Johnston & Associates and a former Senator from Louisiana, Adam Michael Kolton of the Alaska Wilderness League, Linda Lance of the Wilderness Society, and Gale Norton, the Secretary of the US Department of the Interior. Additional material is supplied by Mayor George Ahmaogak of the North Slope Borough, Wayne Regelin of the State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game, and James Slutz of the Division of Oil and Gas of the Indians Department of Natural Resources. Chairman James Hansen explains that "the Energy Security Act was introduced in response to President Bush's call for a long-term energy policy for our nation." He worries that "the impacts of the current crisis are now beginning to be felt in places all across the country. While short-term fluctuations in energy supplies are inconvenient, if we fail to act in a responsible or a timely manner, our economy will be brought to a grinding halt." Ranking Minority Member Nick Rahall accuses the Republicans of unfair dealing with the bill with regard to ANWAR concerns. He warns against a move "to short change the American taxpayer and short thrift the environment by doling out royalty holidays to Big Oil and by providing unfettered access to drilling rigs and to environmentally sensitive Federal lands."

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