State and Local Governments: Adapting to Change   [open pdf - 193KB]

This journal examines the vital roles played by U.S. state and local governments and presents several case studies of how both governments and the people they represent are responding to the challenges they now face. The first two articles focus on state efforts at political, social, and technical modernization and the constituencies that are affected by these changes. Ellis Katz provides an in-depth look at the methods that states have used to modernize, adapt to changes and forge policy on behalf of their local constituencies. Sharon Crouch Steidel offers a concrete example of this modernization in her article about e-government and its positive effect on the states and their citizens. In addition to the social and technological changes that state and local governments must address, they have a crucial new role in protecting citizens in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks... Donald L. Plusquellic, describes the way cities, with help from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, are developing teams of first responders and educating citizens to cope with possible attacks. Deborah Brown speaks with Dennis Taylor about examples of partnerships between American and international cities that address problems of mutual interest. Eric Green explores the partnership between federal, state and local enforcement agencies in combating cyber crime in his interview with Utah State Attorney General Mark L. Shurtleff.

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Issues of Democracy, v.8 no.2, October 2003
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