Defense Science Board 2003 Summer Study on DoD Roles and Missions in Homeland Security: Volume I   [open pdf - 6MB]

"The United States faces stealthy adversaries who have demonstrated both motives and means to inflict grave damage on the U.S. homeland. The nation's strategy in response to this type of adversary is clear: engage the threat as far as possible from the U.S. homeland, on its turf...A capability to protect the homeland is a necessary complement to the capability of strategic reach against these asymmetric threats...Responsibilities and authorities must be assigned and operative terms (homeland defense and homeland security, for example) need to be defined. The Defense Science Board (DSB) read with care current definitions and wrestled with inventing new ones. In the end, instead of focusing on precise distinctions between various terms, the board adopted a broad framework, consistent with the study terms of reference, within which to consider homeland protection issues. Maturing the conceptual framework and capabilities related to homeland protection, the DSB believes, requires a holistic approach. However, organizational boundaries inhibit such an approach. Thus, fostering a holistic approach to protecting the homeland is a guiding theme for this study and the recommendations reflect this theme. This study identifies capabilities and initiatives needed by DoD to fulfill its responsibilities to project force when directed and to protect the homeland. Further, it focuses on those capabilities that depend upon DoD working closely with other agencies. In addition, opportunities are identified for DoD to "export" some of its core competencies in order to accelerate the maturation of the Department of Homeland Security." -- Excerpt from Executive Summary

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