Serial No. 106-29: Confidentiality of Health Information: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Health of the Committee on Ways and Means, House of Representatives One Hundred Sixth Congress, First Session, July 20, 1999   [open pdf - 637KB]

This hearing discusses proposals to protect the confidentiality of patients' health care information. Chairman Thomas: "The importance of information to America's modern health care delivery system cannot be overstated. The rapid exchange of information B much of it personal in nature B is critical to the delivery of high quality care, the increasingly complex financing of care, and ongoing efforts to improve quality. Protecting the confidentiality and security of this information is even more important. Only by protecting the confidentiality of health information can we give patients the confidence they need to seek help, even for the most personal or sensitive of health issues. Data integrity and system security measures are critical to our ongoing efforts to improve health care outcomes and find new cures through the application of information technology to medical research. Today, every patient B including 38 million Medicare patients B benefits from the extensive use and exchange of information in our health system. However, our laws need to be updated to better protect the confidentiality and security of this information." This hearing focuses on various aspects of the patient confidentiality issue that have been raised by the Secretary's recommendations to Congress and by other laws. The Subcommittee received testimony from several public agency representatives and from a variety of private sector witnesses representing different perspectives from within the health care system. Witnesses and Submissions for the record include: Paul D. Clayton, Richard Smith Jr., Tom Jenkins, Janlori Goldman, Joyce E. Anderson, Sue A. Blevins, Matthew and Carrie Burcham, Karen A. Reis, Margo P. Goldman, Sandra K. Greiner, Randel K. Johnson, Peter Kane, Jim McDermott, and Randel K. Johnson.

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Serial No. 106-29
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