Serial No. 107-83: Investigation into Abductions of American Children to Saudi Arabia: Hearings before the Committee on Government Reform, House of Representatives, One Hundred Seventh Congress, Second Session, June 12; October 2 and 3; and December 4 and 11, 2002   [open pdf - 46MB]

The purpose of this hearing is to discuss the problem of Saudi men who kidnap their children and take them to Saudi Arabia. "Despite the fact that arrest warrants have been issued for some kidnaps, the Saudi Government has refused to lift a finger to help us solve these cases. In fact, the Saudi Government has created a safe haven for these child abductors in a country where women and children are treated like property....The State Department has a list of 46 recent cases involving as many as 92 U.S. citizens who have been held against their will in Saudi Arabia....The law in Saudi Arabia lets Saudi men keep American women and children in Saudi Arabia even when they are in violation of court orders, even when arrest warrants have been issued and even when they have abused their wives and their children, and that is just wrong....The Saudis have to be made to understand that if they let this go on, their relationship with us is going to suffer, and I don't think that has happened yet." The hearing also addresses the lack of effort by the State Department to challenge the Saudi Government in these matters. Statements, witnesses, submissions: Hume Horan, Daniel Pipes, Doug Bandow, Dianne Andruch, Ryan Crocker, Raymond Maybus, Margaret McClain, Patricia Roush, Michael Petruzzello, Jack Deschauer, James Gallagher, Mort Rosenberg, Maureen Mahoney, Michael Rives, Maureen Dabbagh, Joanna Stephenson Tonetti, Dria Davis, Miriam Hernandez-Davis, Ethel Stowers, Eileen Denza, Samiah Seramur, Debra Docekal, Dan Burton, Wm. Lacy Clay, Elijah Cummings, Blanche Lincoln, Doug Ose, Edward Schrock, Christopher Shays, Edolphus Towns, Diane Watson, Henry Waxman, Benjamin Gilman, Constance Morella, Thomas Davis, Jo Ann Davis, Dave Weldon, John Duncan, John Sullivan, Carolyn Maloney, Eleanor Norton, John Tierney, and Janice Schakowsky.

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Serial No. 107-83
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