United States Coast Guard Integrated Deepwater System (IDS) Report to Congress on the Feasibility of Accelerating the Integrated Deepwater System   [open pdf - 721KB]

This paper addresses acceleration of the present IDS implementation schedule from 20 years to 10 years and the associated benefits and impacts of that acceleration. It frames the issues and addresses factors such as feasibility, impact on resources, and the benefits of increased capabilities, readiness, and efficiencies. A notional "plan" is presented to assess these factors. The effective capability and presence of the Integrated Deepwater System supports and benefits not just non-homeland security missions (e.g., Search and Rescue, Marine Environmental Protection, and others) but also a wide range of missions associated with Homeland Security, including Alien Migrant and Drug Interdiction. The various, multi-mission assets that comprise the Integrated Deepwater System will allow the Coast Guard to push America's borders out with a layered defense critical to Maritime Domain Awareness, a key element of Homeland Security. This concept of operations provides multiple opportunities in multiple geographic layers - to detect and interdict terrorist activity as far at sea as possible to the ports, coastal approaches and the Marine Transportation System (MTS). In determining the feasibility of accelerating the Integrated Deepwater System, two issues must be addressed - ability for the contractor and the government to support an accelerated implementation schedule, and the reasonableness of accelerating IDS.

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