Comprehensive Communities Program: Promising Approaches   [open pdf - 555KB]

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Crime continues to be a major concern in our nation's communities. Public safety and quality of life are of critical importance to citizens, elected officials, and community services providers. Although public and private agencies and businesses have an interest and investment in preserving public safety, neither can do this job alone. Experience has taught us that problems can be solved better and more efficiently when tackled by communities as a whole rather than by individuals working alone. Partnerships work, and the Comprehensive Communities Program (CCP), a collaborative approach to reducing crime and increasing public safety, has proven its effectiveness. Under the aegis of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, CCP was initiated in 1994. The 15 CCP jurisdictions were able to successfully solve many of their crime prevention and control problems through partnerships developed between the community and local criminal justice agencies. These jurisdictions have done an exceptional job in developing their own resources, coordinating and implementing new programs and strategies, and reaching out to other sites and communities to share their experiences and assist with replication endeavors. This monograph details the planning, sustainment, support strategies used by the sites, and describes specific, successfully implemented programs. Many of the strategies developed and instituted focus on community mobilization, community policing, youth and gang initiatives, community prosecution, and alternatives to incarceration.

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