National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan: Solutions and Approaches for a Cohesive Plan to Improve Our Nation's Ability to Share Criminal Intelligence   [open pdf - 731KB]

This report outlines specific "action steps" that can be taken immediately by almost any agency and what can be expected by performing those steps. The portion of the report titled "The Rationale for the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan" should be carefully reviewed, as it provides an in-depth discussion of the issues and recommendations presented in the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan. The GIWG (Global Intelligence Working Group) identified several issues that were viewed as inhibitors of intelligence development and sharing. The GIWG expressed these issues as needs when formulating recommendations for the national plan. One of the key issues acknowledged by the GIWG was the need to overcome the long-standing and substantial barriers that hinder intelligence sharing. Examples include the "hierarchy" within the law enforcement and intelligence communities and deficits in intelligence. Overcoming the barriers that impede information and intelligence sharing is a continuous endeavor that will require a firm commitment by all levels of government, and the implementation of the National Criminal Intelligence Sharing Plan will most certainly assist in this undertaking.

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