Report of the Defense Science Board Task Force on Wideband Radio Frequency Modulation: Dynamic Access to Mobile Information Networks   [open pdf - 1MB]

The task force was asked to investigate six items in its Terms of Reference, summarized here: Identify technical issues associated with wideband systems and impact on DoD and other agency systems; monitor interagency review of spectrum management;examine implications of DoD use of wideband on U.S. positions at WRC; evaluate impact of wideband on future mobile networks and other users;evaluate flexibility of wideband RF systems to meet present and long ranged communications needs; and ;identify and assess cost and technical risk of extensive employment of wideband systems. In general, the task force finds that the Department of Defense is best served by investing in and advocating wideband RF communications systems for future communications systems though coordinated research, development, and procurement; extensive experimentation, integration, test, and evaluation; and developing new policies and engaging the commercial sector through various bodies with solid experience. The body of this report first introduces the topic and reviews the Terms of Reference for this investigation. It then presents an introduction to technical communications for senior executives to the complex tradeoffs addressed. Next, it develops the findings in a detailed and systematic manner. Finally, it draws recommendations and conclusions. This report argues that the Department of Defense must embrace a technology development and architecture and develop a deployment path that incorporates wideband technologies and institutes an organization that monitors and guides future RF communications systems to achieve crucial mission requirements within an achievable budget.

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