Director of Central Intelligence Annual Report of the United States Intelligence Community, FY 2001   [open pdf - 258KB]

The Director of Central Intelligence's FY2001 Annual Report of the Intelligence Community provides insight into the activities and accomplishments of the Intelligence Community (IC). The mission of the Intelligence Community is to provide policymakers, military commanders, and law enforcement officials with timely, accurate intelligence on a wide range of national security issues. This unclassified report addresses accomplishments of the Intelligence Community measured against the national security missions. Fiscal year 2001 began with the continuation of a decade-long budget decline for US intelligence. In addition, the Intelligence Community faces a number of challenges, both substantive and administrative. Substantive challenges include: Homeland Defense; Precision Warfare; Crisis Warning and Prevention; Preventing Technological Surprise; Protecting Intelligence Capabilities. The success of the Community in the years ahead will depend on the extent to which we leverage technology, manage our resources, invest in our people, collaborate across agency lines, merge databases, and streamline management. The administrative challenges that face the Community include: Maintaining a World-Class Work Force, Embracing the Information Technology Revolution, Innovating and Investing in New Sources and Methods; Enhancing Human Source Intelligence; and Strengthening the Infrastructure.

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