Director of Central Intelligence Annual Report for the United States Intelligence Community for FY 1998   [open pdf - 276KB]

This report responds to the Congressional request for an annual report on the Intelligence Community. Today's threats encompass a wide array of issues which span the globe. There are two categories of threats that will occupy the IC's attention for the foreseeable future: threats from our strategic rivals- China and Russia - as well as from regional worries such as North Korea, Iran, and Iraq; and the transnational threats - organized crime, narcotics trafficking, proliferation, information warfare and terrorism. The IC is working to improve its business practices and its relationships with its consumers. Significant improvements have been made to enhance: policy deliberations, IC's strategic vision, IC's planning processes, and the Director of Central Intelligence's guidance to the intelligence community. The DCI's vision for the future demands closer teamwork across the IC and more efficient use of our capabilities to keep pace with the demands of diplomatic and military operations. Strategic collection thrusts required to achieve this objective include: Establishing an integrated cross-intelligence discipline collection management process; Linking collection capabilities to customers' needs and priorities. At the same time, link intelligence requirements and priorities to resources; Determine the requirements that will drive US Intelligence collection systems capabilities for 2010; Determining, establishing, and adjusting, as necessary, the structure and composition of Intelligence collection systems capabilities to address 2010 concerns.; Integrating collection and production planning processes to drive R&D and future intelligence acquisitions; Balancing integrated collection with tasking, processing, exploitation, and dissemination ability. The report also provides examples of accomplishments over the past year.

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