Unclassified Report to Congress on the Acquisition of Technology Relating to Weapons of Mass Destruction and Advanced Conventional Munitions, 1 July - 30 December 2002   [open pdf - 179KB]

As required by Section 721 of the FY 1997 Intelligence Authorization Act, this report, submitted by the Director of the Central Intelligence, outlines the acquisition by foreign countries during the preceding 6 months of dual-use and other technology useful for the development or production of weapons of mass destruction (including nuclear weapons, chemical weapons, and biological weapons) and advanced conventional munitions. This report provides country summaries of acquisition activities (solicitations, negotiations, contracts, and deliveries) related to weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and advanced conventional weapons (ACW) that occurred from 1 July through 31 December 2002. Countries that already have established WMD programs, as well as countries that demonstrated little WMD acquisition activity of concern are not discussed. Countries covered in this report include Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Libya, Syria, and Sudan. Countries reported as key suppliers include Russia, North Korea, and China. The report also includes information on the role western European countries play in the proliferation of WMD- and missile-related information and training, and a brief discussion regarding emerging state and non-state suppliers.

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