National Research and Development Plan for Aviation Safety, Security, Efficiency and Environmental Compatibility   [open pdf - 319KB]

This plan describes coordinated long-term research initiatives to bring about advances in aviation that will be required in the opening decades of the next century. The White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security and the National Civil Aviation Review Commission both document the importance of aviation to the nation and the need for investment in research and technology to ensure that the aviation system meets the growing demand for air transportation. This plan serves as the benchmark for the future inter-agency cooperative efforts to optimize essential government research toward the attainment of critical aviation and air transportation goals established by the Federal government and supported by industry. It is a visionary plan presenting cooperative government research and operational solutions in four key areas that otherwise would limit our nation's ability to meet the growing demand for air transportation: safety; security; NAS efficiency; and environmental compatibility. The development of this plan signifies the achievement of a broad consensus as to aviation goals and agency roles, and provides the foundation for developing more integrated program plans in the future. Joint research efforts and goals have been developed among: NASA; FAA; DoD; the aviation industry; and the academic community. The research and goals will be further refined and expanded with the involvement of the National Science Foundation, the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Weather Service, and others in the future.

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