U.S. Department of Transportation DRAFT Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2003-2008: Safer, Simpler, Smarter Transportation Solutions   [open pdf - 263KB]

Developing a strategic Vision for the Department of Transportation is essential if we are to achieve our core mission in light of the challenges inherent in a global context where expectations for the movement of people and goods are propelled by information technology. Americans will require even safer and more efficient domestic and international transportation to support their daily lives, to underpin the economy and to connect the United States to rest of the world. Secretary Mineta has called for a safer, simpler and smarter transportation system for the benefit of all Americans. Safer because we will place greater emphasis on saving lives and reducing accidents than ever before. Simpler because we will improve the management of our resources by consolidating and streamlining programs. And Smarter because we will focus on improving efficiency, achieving results and increasing accountability. We will be pioneers in transportation pursuing best practices and breaking the mold to achieve results that benefit the taxpayers.Over the past year, we have been using these principles as our guide in developing ideas for the reauthorization of Federal surface and air transportation programs to ensure that they will successfully address our Nation's future needs. In addition to these two major pieces of legislation, this Administration is working to achieve significant reform in intercity passenger rail and to address maritime transportation issues with greater focus and substance.

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