Intermodal Cargo Transportation: Industry Best Security Practices   [open pdf - 1MB]

"Cargo-related crimes, including cargo theft, insurance fraud, drug trafficking, and the transportation of illegal immigrants into the United States, have all become dominant criminal issues on the national agenda. Concentrated government efforts attempt to combat cargo-related crimes; however, organized criminal activity continues to grow in both frequency and consequence. Increasing violence and criminal penetration of transportation operations and technologies significantly compromise the U.S. transportation infrastructure.[...] This report represents the results of research, interviews and on-site evaluations conducted to identify the issues related to security of cargo terminals to theft, smuggling, and other illegal activity. This report also provides industry best security practices for eliminating, mitigating, and controlling identified concerns within the security framework of cargo transportation. In keeping with the transportation infrastructure assurance philosophy, this report is not organized by mode (truck, rail, maritime, and pipeline), but rather provides an integrated discussion of all modes using cargo terminals with a special focus on intermodalism."

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