Agricultural Transportation Challenges of the 21st Century: Transportation, Handling, and Logistical implications of Bioengineered Grains and Oilseeds: A Prospective Analysis   [open pdf - 2MB]

The overall goals of the analysis are to describe and analyze the transportation, handling, and logistical implications likely to result from the continued adoption of bioengineered grains and oilseeds in the United States, including such factors as the number and type of bioengineered products likely to emerge; product certification and testing requirements; and the transportation, storage, and handling requirements that will have to be met if bioengineered products are to be marketed successfully. To achieve those overall goals, a number of specific analyses were conducted. The results of these studies are integrated and reported in this report. The remainder of this section provides a systems perspective of the dynamics inherent in marketing system change, driven by biotechnology. The report's second section will briefly review and assess biotechnology from the perspective of its potential implications for the marketing sector. The next two major sections will examine the evolution of the commodity marketing systems, employing alternative lenses. First, alternative market structures will be detailed by investigating key distinguishing characteristics relative to those of the commodity market channel. Second, the results of indepth futuring exercises with decision makers from throughout today's production and market system will be reported. The final section of the report will identify handling, storage, and logistical implications of alternative future paths for biotechnology.

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