NSA/CSS Strategic Plan 2001-2006   [open pdf - 96KB]

Intelligence and information systems security complement each other. Intelligence gives the Nation an information advantage over its adversaries. Information systems security prevents others from gaining advantage over the Nation. Together the two functions promote a single goal: information superiority for America and its allies. NSA/CSS used technology to help win the Cold War, building a stable, well-funded, focused organization that provided a unique product to decision makers. As the preeminent information organization in the Industrial Age, they provided and protected the Nation's secrets. But the proliferation of information technologies and the emergence of the global network have begun to transform the world, altering fundamental ways of thinking and communicating. Old patterns are giving way to agile and collaborative processes and technologies. Old methods of behavior and communication still exist, but the future is clear. If NSA/CSS is to continue to serve the Nation by providing and protecting vital information, they must embrace change and resume our place on the forward edge of technology. NSA/CSS must master and operate in the global net of tomorrow. This plan outlines the goals of the NSA/CSS up to the year 2006.

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