International Crime Threat Assessment   [open pdf - 24MB]

At the direction of the President and as part of the International Crime Control Strategy, a US Government interagency working group has prepared the following comprehensive assessment of the threat posed by international crime to Americans and their communities, US businesses and financial institutions, and global security and stability. The assessment is divided into five parts. Chapter I addresses the Global Context of International Crime, identifying those factors, including the implications of a changing world, the greater sophistication of criminal organizations, and institutional shortcomings elsewhere in the world, that have contributed to the growing problem of international crime. Chapter II provides a comprehensive overview of specific International Crimes Affecting US Interests, including their effect on American lives and livelihood, costs to US business interests at home and abroad, and impact on US national security interests around the world. Chapter III addresses Worldwide Areas of International Criminal Activity, particularly as source areas for specific crimes and bases of operations for international criminal organizations. This section includes an analysis of the driving factors in different countries and regions that allow criminal organizations and international criminal activity to flourish, as well as an assessment of the impact of international criminal activity on stability in these countries and regions. Chapter IV addresses the Consequences of International Crime for US Strategic Interests, including the ability to work cooperatively with foreign governments and the problem of criminal safe havens, kleptocracies, and failed states. Finally, Chapter V offers a perspective on the Future of International Crime as it develops in the next 10 years.

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