International Crime Control Strategy   [open pdf - 194KB]

International criminal activity has increased in scale and extent in the wake of globalization, becoming a complex worldwide threat. International criminals today engage in a wide range of illegal activities, including drug trafficking, terrorism, alien and contraband smuggling, fraud, extortion, money laundering, bribery, economic espionage, intellectual property theft, and counterfeiting. Many also resort to extreme violence to advance their criminal enterprises. International criminals ignore borders, except when seeking safe haven behind them. They move sums of money through the international financial system that are so huge they dwarf the combined economies of many nations. They are often organized in multi-crime businesses, and they have capitalized on growth in international communications and transportation to expand their criminal operations and form potent alliances. They threaten all nations, including our own. International crime is not only a law enforcement problem; it is a formidable and increasing threat to national and international security. This document discusses the corrosive activities of international criminals in the post-Cold War era, and how they no longer threaten particular countries or regions, but threaten the whole world.

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